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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

late night surfing 2, not as late, twice as cute!

when i moved home i got cable and forgot about the internet. i'm trying to fix my tv addiction by surfing the web...hmmm...maybe i should just go out more...

well, either way, i'm at home and bored and easily amused, so here's some more things i can't believe i only recently discovered:

Making Fiends
cute and warped, made me laugh...her other cartoons are pretty cool, i've only watched a few episodes of all of them but i'm enjoying all so far. can't believe i haven't seen these before..i feel so out of touch :(

Farm Hustle
not only is this game a cute puzzle/match up(like crack but in game form) the character's are all cute crochet creations. yeah, inspiration!


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