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Friday, March 31, 2006


because i feel like being grrry....

random post, it's late and i've had an odd day.

might not teach skating again after this week...kinda not ready for that really. raaarr1

also not in the mood for complete sentences...who needs them anyways..same with capitals...down with capital letters! they just slow you down.

and while i'm at it-a big f-u to grammar.

sorry, don't ask...

recent disscussions on writing and the formation of our writing group, have made me remember how much i used to express my self with words. i'd lost that. i'd like to get it back

i don't write much on this blog because i kinda don't like sharing my inner voice with people. i've been trying too hard to refine it somehow but it's just not working for me. so screw that, back to being something else? sure that's what we'll call it.

well then, i'm gonna try to sleep so that i can wake up at a reasonable hour and finish my report cards before the concert i'm going to tomorow. i'll probably be much happier after tomorow cause right now, feeling a little icky. yeah dancing! yeah peter hook! yeah new order and british synth! hopefully...


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