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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

For you tomato haters

Neil Gaiman's blog has an interesting post about a movie website that was unjustly suing him for linking to their site. Apparently he didn't even link to the site, his only conection was that a different site had linked to a picture of him holding a demonic tomato. Neil's rant about the absurdity of him being sued is quite amusing and definately worth reading.

The site that did have a link to this movie website however is also quite amusing. I quite enjoyed shooting the tomatoes in the shooting game they have despite the fact that i really have nothing against tomatoes. In fact i really don't understand why people don't like tomatoes so much. They're good for you and they taste good. I dated a guy who really violently hated tomatoes. His reasoning(which was not really reasoning) was that they are filthy seed bags. WOW, that explains a lot more about him then why he doesn't like them. My experience with him and his hatred for the fruit have made me wonder about the link between food tastes and other personality traits.

My ex was some kind of type A personality. No offense to other people i know who hate tomatoes but most people i've met who don't like them are pretty uptight or crazy. My ex's friend told him that his hatred for tomatoes was misogynistic because tomatoes are basically ovaries, which seems valid if you knew the guy and had heard his rants about the "demonic fruit". I have not heard a good explanation for the hatred. i can understand not liking the slimyness of the seeds or the taste even, but i've yet to hear a decent reasoning for outright hatred of a fruit. Seriously now, what have tomatoes done to you? Really....now bananas ....that's a whole other issue.


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