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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Otama invasion!

So i was browsing this crochet forum and discovered this japanese craze of crocheting tadpoles and other round little critters and posing them in strange places and taking pictures of it. I found several non-japanese sites that post pictures of peoples creations. This one guy in finland wants to build a garden to house 2004 of them.

Has anybody else heard of these? if so why have i not heard of these before? My mom just told me she'd heard that there was this crazy tadpole craze in Japan but she didn't know they were crocheted. For some reason this is blowing my mind. It shouldn't but maybe i'm just excited cause i just got tiny crochet hooks in the mail today that would be perfect for making otama.

i think i may have to join this craze and bring more tadpoles into the world to slowly take over with their uselessness and frivolity. expect pictures to follow in the next few weeks...expect to all recieve tiny useless tadpoles for chirstmas.


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