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Thursday, April 20, 2006

in love...

there's this wonderful website i found a couple of years ago called Copacetic. i'd totally forgotten how cool the zine was till the other day, despite the fact that i constantly viewed their companion site Copacetique, which is the most wonderful on-line consignment store.

i feel the need to share because i've found something that really clicks with me. not only is the zine named my favorite word but the girl who started it is basically my idealized version of myself. half-japanese, crafty, super hip, cute and happy. how could i not be in love? why did i forget about this site and not read it everyday? honestly i don't know.

i could go on for a while about why i'm in love right now, but mostly it's nice to see another half-japanese girl i can relate to. as a child i struggled to find public figures that i could relate to. janice's review of the Magret Cho series "All American Girl" talks of this struggle and reminds me of the same feelings of recognition i had when this show aired. it's nice to know i wasn't alone in feeling alienated by the general public as a child.

and she sells awesome vintage clothes like this white jumpsuit i totally would buy if i had more money.


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