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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Random art

Random art
Random art,
originally uploaded by PuttenKat.
More pictures! This pile of magazines with a peach resting on it was found in a parking lot after enjoying a hungover breakfast on sunday

GIR cell phone cozies

GIR cell phone cozies
GIR cell phone cozies,
originally uploaded by PuttenKat.
Since I mentioned them in the previous post here is a pic of my Gir cozies. I'm not really happy with the robot one. I've figured out a better way to make him. I'm still working on the toy.

Return of photos

So i thought i was screwed because my brother lost the cable for my camera unitl i realized that my printer has a card reader in it and i can load my pictures through the printer. oops, i should have realized that a lot sooner. I spent today loading my pics into my flickr account and showing off my latest crochet pieces on Craftster.

So far people have been really positive about my stuff. I'm feeling really good about my work. I am really excited about selling my stuff at the comic shop. i've already made a robot Gir cell phone cozie and a little pocket with Gir's face on it. I'm thinking of setting up a store on Etsy.
It's a really neat selling community kinda like ebay but specialized in handmade items.

I should probably get started on setting up a store but i don't really have any items ready to sell because i'm working on the comic shop stuff but maybe i could just post pics of what I have made and reproduce them if anyone wants to buy it. I feel like i need a better place to send people if i'm going to be serious about selling my work. I might be able to have some of my stuff featured in an asian canadian magazine a friend of mine works on and having somewhere people can go to look at my stuff seems like a good idea.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

new direction

so it's been a while since i've posted. i finished my bachelor's and am now in the process of living in the "real world", which so far means i'm slowly becoming the stoner equivlant of martha stewart.

figured i should devote a little time to updating my blog since i'm not doing a whole lot of anything else. i have been very busy making more fun things out of yarn. as soon i get the cable for my camera back i'll have tons of pictures on my flickr account. currently i'm working on making a GIR stuffed toy. i've already made a phone cozie and a camera cozie of the dog suit GIR. I might be selling them soon at the comic shop, kinda exciting!

other then the crocheting, i've become obssessed with food shows and baking. my friends have been reaping the benefits of this obsession as i like giving sweets more then actually eating them.

so life after university has been pretty relaxing so far. i'm working at the ice rinks and skating a little for fun but that only started up again this week.

that's about it for an update, things are pretty mellow right now which may be a good thing, i'm just not used to it.