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Sunday, June 18, 2006

actually dancing about architecture

today i ran into this dancer chick i met at a bar a couple of months go. we had come to the conclusion that we should become friends but i lost her number when i lost my phone. luckily we ran into to each other today at the commercial drive street fair. i'm happy about this because i've been wanting to get back into dancing and going to dance performances and i now have someone to go with and go see. tomorow i will be going to a show at Rime on commercial. not enitrely sure what it's about but it should be fun. if anyone wants to join me give me a call.

next month is dancing on the edge, which is vancouver's experimental dance festival. i went to a performance a few years ago and was really impressed. my new friend, catherine, will be perfoming in a series of site specific performances called city:skinned. i'm pretty excited about checking it out, there might actually be DANCING ABOUT ARCHITECTURE!


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