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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Escaping Suburbia!

so it would appear that i may be moving back to vancouver in august. i need to call lindsay and figure out a few things but i've pretty much made up my mind that i'm moving out of my basement in burnaby, if not now then in september. but i'd really like to move into lindsay's place. things seem to be pointing me in that direction. i just got offerd two programs at mt pleasant community centre which is on 16th and ontario. lindsay's place in on 18th and columbia. how nice would it be to live only a couple of blocks away from work.

for obvious reasons i can't handle the commute anymore. i'm really excited about the prospect of living just off cambie. it's such a nice area, i've always wanted to live around there. and it means i don't have to trek back to burnaby all the time. it's been starting to get kinda ridiculous considering i spend all my time in vancouver, especialy in the neighborhood i'll hopefully be moving into. it'll be a little tight finacially the first month but i should be able to swing it.

going to japan is still something i'd like to do but i've let things slide too much for me to be able go in september. it's time to regroup. i'll try to get myself there in january and just work my butt off until then. the centre i work at has been awesome about getting me more hours so things should be pretty good in september as far as working goes. i'm actually really happy about the way things are going for me at work. i'm gonna have a crazy schedule in september but it will be varied and fun. let's just hope i don't burn out and start swearing at the kiddies. i'm starting to lose my patience for it recently but it could just be that i'm tired.

i couldn't figure out why i was feeling so exhausted all the time and then my couselor pointed out to me that my body is still trying to heal itself. going back to work so soon as been both good and bad for helping me deal. i can't wait for tomorow to be over. we're going to smash a pinata, which will be fun but also possibly dangerous and tantrum inducing. i think i might throw a tantrum one of these days. it might be cathartic.


  • At 5:22 AM, Blogger Tuco said…

    Hi Kat, I did a blogger search on "suburbia" and came across your blog. What was your commute for the last while? And have you been at U of T's architecture program? If so, you might know a couple friends of mine.
    If you get a chance, check out
    for some commuting stories.

    Best wishes! : ) Chris


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